Strategic Planning Process

Organizational Management

Our collective skills and experiences allow us to control all elements to achieve the best products that we can offer. Our decision making process is diversified during the process of organizing, planning, leading and controlling resources within the company to achieve the most effective and beneficial objectives.

Focus on Quality

We are not successful because we only bring a truly innovative idea to market, but rather because we dazzle our clients with excellent quality service. Our focus on quality is not something we are compelled to perform, but we developed habits that instill a passion for quality in all corners of our organization.

Focus on Market Trend and Resources

We never blink a blind eye on market trend. In order to become ahead of competition, we focus on market trend and shifting of consumer focus to cater our products to needed market demands when falls within our category. Our optimize our resources to ensure that we flow with the market aspiration.

Developing Critical Elements

Critical elements in our process is what makes us make or break. We spend time on examining and improve our critical elements in our operations, from equipment through management process, and human elements to critical products, we constantly and develop and improve in our processes to maintain our market footprint.



Update! We had an excess quantity of Zircon Powder that was sold on first-come, first-serve basis. follow up with us if you need the product. As you know, the current market is tighten with huge demand and limited supply.

Sand Processing

Our top-quality sand processing includes sand scaling and washing to ensure high quality and measured products in accordance with client’s requirements.

Chemical Analysis

Our chemical analysis was developed using a random sample of the sand bulk at the larges query available for our customers.

Sieve Analysis

Our sieve analysis has used the state-of-art sieving technology available to-date to ensure accuracy and with high quality at specialized Egyptian and European labs.


Contract Fulfillment

Our team loads up revolving worldwide shipments.

Completed Shipments

We shipped FOB or CIF, depending on customer’s desire.

Worldwide Customers

Our satisfied customers are located at different locations.


A Successful Operation Of Silica Sand Delivery

How to Identify Strategic Issues


Gain international leadership position and participate in setting the standard in sand technologies and solutions required by many industries, and to align our processes with long-term relationships such industries that are dependent on our products.

Determine Your Strategic Position


With enormous sand dunes at our disposal, and state-of-art technologies employed at our plants, not to mention our geographical worldwide location with direct access to Suez Canal, we are at the top best position to deliver our products to our near and far clients in the most optimal time and at the best economical cost possible. Whether your project is located at far corner of the world or at the heart of the Middle East, we make it our mission to deliver and contribute to you success.


Developing Strategy


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